Atlas Elect is a website dedicated to cataloging and providing election data for the United States in an interactive and easy to use manner. Its eventual goal is to be a comprehensive election atlas that provides interactive political maps and electoral data for presidential and congressional elections in the United States and the rest of the world.

Spencer Buyansky

Spencer Buyansky is an Software Developer currently working at Epic Systems. He is proficient in Python, JavaScript, Angular, node.js, HTML, Java, C, C++, PHP, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Cache, and Visual Basic. His other interests aside from programming include electronics assembly and repair, playing piano, and basketball. He is responsible for the design and programming of the website along with data entry.

Samuel Rebenstorf

Samuel Rebenstorf is an undergraduate student of Political Science and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His principle interests of study are American political institutions at the federal and state levels, legislative politics, American political history, public finance, economic policy, and domestic public policy. Rebenstorf works as an introductory economics tutor during the academic year and also serves as a legislative intern for a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. His roles on the Atlas Elect project include data entry, map coloring, and writing historical notes and explanations.